Winter 2018 CEO’s Report

Just to cover off on some administrative issues.  I do trust that members have renewed their membership for 2018-2019.  We want to support our community but until members renew, we really can’t offer them the many programs, services and benefits that are available through WS NSW.  Also there are issues of insurance, liability and indemnity for those who are not currently financial.  So to save us continually chasing, please check your membership status.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be conducted on Monday evening 25th June 2018 at Royal Rehab.  Notices will be posted.  When people think of AGM’s they think of long boring agendas however our AGM’s are short, concise, interesting and would you believe exciting! Exciting because we celebrate our members.  So I invite you to join us on the 25th June where you can mix with fellow members, have some food and drink and enjoy the many successes of WS NSW.

The financials for our last financial year will show an interesting bottom line.  A surplus or profit of close to $300,000 has eventuated but don’t be fooled.  Over the last few years we have received very significant funds ($292,000) from icare for upgraded improvements to our Kevin Betts Stadium.  All this money has been spent and we now have to realise this amount as income in our finances.  So our profit roughly corresponds with this amount, meaning we would otherwise be looking at a break even end of year budget without the icare funds.

A major item that will impact our future budgets is the sponsorship of our high profile Wheelchair Sports NSW Roadshow.  Transport for NSW has sponsored the Roadshow for the past 6 years and we are in negotiation at present with this government department.  Their current sponsorship ceases on June 30th of this year.  Stay tuned.

I attended the draw for the GIO Wheelchair Rugby World Championships at Bondi Icebergs.  It was streamed around the world.  It was an interesting and calculating exercise with the 12 qualifying teams being split into 2 pools of 6 teams.  The Aussies are the No. 1 seed and being the home nation they got to pick which pool they would enter.  Australian coach Brad Dubberley chose the opposite pool to powerhouses USA, Canada and Great Britain.  Our main opposition will come from the likes of Japan and Sweden in our pool.  Fascinating tactics early on.  A reminder the Championships are from Sunday 5th to Friday 10th August at Sydney Olympic Park.  The full draw is contained in this Pushers Post.

Our Strategic Plan process is now complete and Board and Staff have concentrated their focus on 4 Key Strategies.  Firstly Member Satisfaction where WS NSW at all times remains relevant to our membership. Secondly Staff and Volunteer Support through a strong operational model.  Thirdly Sustainable Funding and the methods to achieve this funding and fourthly Continuance of WS NSW whilst managing our reputation / brand and maintaining program delivery.

All our elite athletes will know of Lynne Anderson CEO of the Australian Paralympic Committee.  She has created a very good impression in the couple of years she has been at the APC.  Quite recently she also took on the role of Chair of the Canterbury Bulldogs.  We wish Lynne the very best in this role and the biff and bash of Rugby League.  The APC will seem like a dream after that!

Jim O’Brien


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