For more than 50 years, athletes with a disability have been testing their accuracy and precision in archery competitions. Today, traditions of excellence continue in the sport with both standing and wheelchair (seated) athletes competing in women’s and men’s categories. Competition includes singles, doubles and team events, and the competition and scoring procedures are identical to those used in able-bodied events. Although competitions are often integrated into able-bodied events, archers with a disability compete in three classification areas:

  • Archery Standing (ARST) Archers have no disabilities in their arms but their legs have a degree of loss of muscle strength, co-ordination and/or joint mobility. Archers compete standing.
  • Archery Wheelchair 1 (ARW1) Archers with disabilities in their arms and legs; limitations in range of movement, strength and control of their arms and poor or non-existent control of their trunk. Archers compete in a wheelchair.
  • Archery Wheelchair 2 (ARW2) These archers have paralysis in the lower part of the body, including the legs, and also compete in a wheelchair.

Find an archery club near you! Below is a list of clubs and contacts provided by Archery NSW.

Name Position
Armidale Archers Inc Margaret Carson, Secretary
Bathurst Archers Inc Jeffrey Doeherty, Secretary
Bellingen Archers Inc Anne Gatenby, Secretary
Burilda Archery Club Inc. Vernon Peterson, Secretary
Camden & District Archery Club Inc.   Brian Fromholtz, Secretary/Treasurer   
Cessnock Target Archers Inc. Cathie Hugo
Coast Archers Inc. Anthony Helsby
Frog Hollow Archery Club Inc. Natalie LeBrocq
Greenlees Archery Club Elizabeth Waight, Secretary
Grey Archers Hunter Valley Inc. Margaret Smith – Secretary
Illawarra Archers Inc. Rosemary Edwards, Secretary
Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen Inc Roger Irving
Liverpool City Archers Inc. Secretary
Mountain Archers Inc. Mat Bagley, Secretary
Newcastle City Archers Inc Mark Brothers, Secetary
Northern Archers of Sydney Inc Garth McKenzie, Secretary
Penrith City Archers Inc. Secretary – TBA
Queanbeyan Archery Club Inc. Adam Buoro
Shirewood Forest Archers Inc. Michael Newman, Secretary
Shoalhaven City Archers Inc Gabriel Tolentino, Secretary
Southern Highland Archers Dianne Ford, Secretary
St. George Archers Inc Vicky Greenstein, Secretary
Sydney Bowmen Archery Club Inc Marsden Auerbach, Secretary
Sydney Olympic Park Archers, AA Jon Barnard, President
University of NSW Archery Club Aaron Tan – President
University of Sydney Archery Club David Kwak
Warringah Archers Inc Stirling Calandruccio, Secretary
Westlakes Archers Inc Vicki O’Brien, Secretary

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