Our Para-sports Roadshow is designed for students to learn about para-sports. It includes information on what para-sports are available, how they are adapted for people living with disabilities, and what challenges people face getting involved in para-sports.

Th Para-sports Roadshow is designed to suit the disability studies offered by schools as part of the PDHPE program and can be tailored to your school’s needs.

A game of wheelchair basketball is played between the students to give them a taste of what a para-sport is like.

Where? We’ll come to you! Just make sure you have access to a basketball court, multipurpose area, or quadrangle.

Session Size? We recommend maximum class size for each session is 30 students. This is to ensure all students have a turn of playing wheelchair basketball as we bring 10 basketball wheelchairs with us on the day.

If you have more than 30 students per session, please call to discuss other options for your school such as the road safety talk done in the morning to all students then each session can be dedicated to wheelchair basketball.

Total Session Time? Minimum booking to attend a school is 2 hours and we are happy to work in with your school timetable for session times.
Teacher supervision is compulsory at all times during the Para-sport Roadshow.

Cost? A price list is detailed in the information sheet below.

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For more information on pricing and availability please contact us on 02 9809 5260 or email  roadshows@wsnsw.org.au 

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Wheelchair Sports NSW (WS NSW), formed in 1961, is a charitable organisation with a mission to enrich the lives of people living with a disability through participation in sport.

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