July Holiday Camp

This July we started the school holiday off with a very successful Junior Wheelie’s camp, with twenty five kids across both days!

We met out at Kevin Betts Stadium for two jam packed days filled with lawn bowls, badminton, wheelchair rugby, balloon soccer, tennis, and more.

Monday was a fun controlled chaos with twenty kids. We started off with some Bull Rush as a warm up, then moved on to balloon soccer, lawn bowls, and even had some special guests help out with some other sports.

Kathy Fahim with Tennis NSW came out Monday afternoon to help out and teach the kids some tennis skills. Chad Graham, a wheelchair rugby player, came to help with wheelchair rugby, and Josh Meoli from the NSW Blues Basketball Club played some wheelchair basketball with the kids as well.

Tuesday was a bit less hectic, with eleven kids, which allowed us to do a bit more. After warming up, we filled the day with wheelchair basketball with Jess Cronje and Tatum Brown from the NSW Blues. We played some more balloon soccer, a bit of wheelchair rugby and tennis, as well as badminton with Marianne Loh from Badminton Australia.


It was so great to be able to give the kids the opportunity to try new sports and interact with their peers for a fun two days. It’s opportunities like this that will help to grow the future of wheelchair sports, as well as lay the groundwork for making life long friends.

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