The Talented Athlete Program (TAP) seeks to identify promising junior and adult novice wheelchair athletes to provide them a pathway of intensive training and specialist coaching to progress fundamental skills to an elite performance level.

The program also aims to develop a professional attitude in athletes to prepare them for the more rigorous demands of an elite athlete. TAP athletes learn how to plan to achieve lifestyle balance between their education/career and sporting commitments as well as key goal setting techniques. TAP athletes also have access to a number of specialist services such as education and careers guidance, sports science, nutrition, sports medicine, sports psychology, video analysis and drugs education.

TAP is comprised of four key components, against which a professional coach monitors progress:

  • Squad training sessions
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Physiological and skills testing
  • Individual sport rankings

The Talented Athlete Program is currently offered as part of the WS NSW Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis programs.

For more information on the Talented Athlete Program, please contact Megan Rosatto on 02 9809 5260 or via


Wheelchair Sports NSW (WS NSW), formed in 1961, is a charitable organisation responsible for the development, promotion and delivery of wheelchair sport in NSW.

It all started more than 50 years ago with a few visionary wheelchair members who believed in the power of sport to rehabilitate and integrate.