Sarah StewartSarah Stewart, born in 1976, is a great athlete and academic. After injuring herself, Sarah Stewart developed dystrophy and tried her hand at wheelchair sports, focussing in particular on wheelchair basketball.

In 2003, Sarah had made her first Australian team and in 2004, she represented Australia at the Athens Paralympic Games with the Gliders, helping them bring home a silver medal. After a thrilling four years with the Gliders, Sarah competed in Beijing for the Paralympics in 2008. She helped the team bring home a bronze medal when they defeated Canada, 53-47.

Sarah’s athletic career is not the only thing she excels at. She describes herself as a philosopher and it is this deep thinking that led her to complete her BSC (Hons) in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, along with a BA in English, both from the University of New South Wales.

Wheelchair Basketball

Technically and physically demanding, as well as fast-paced…
These are the just some of the reasons why wheelchair basketball has one of the highest profile in the world of wheelchair sports. While wheelchair basketball is similar to the able-bodied game, it is characterized by its own unique style. Wheelchair basketball is played according to FIBA (able-bodied) rules with some minor modifications. There is no double dribble violation and a player can take only two pushes of the chair before they pass, shoot or dribble the ball.
Player classifications range from 1.0 point (high level of disability) to 4.5 points (minimal level of disability). Each team is allowed 14 points on the court.

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