Griffith Scrimmage a Success

On Saturday May 24th Griffith hosted a Wheelchair Basketball Scrimmage at Westend Sports Stadium, Griffith. Teams travelled from Canberra and Wagga Wagga to participate in a social development event. The day consisted of a round robin of matches from 10am – 5pm as well as a coaching session which was taken by sisters Jess Pellow (Sydney Uni Flames Women National League Player) and Ashlea Pellow (NSW Junior Wheelchair Basketball Captain). With outstanding long shots from Griffith, Wagga’s consistency with baskets and Soraj’s speed on the court from Canberra, there was clear talent in the stadium and the players improved their skills throughout the day. Canberra and Wagga fought out close matches against each other and both finished the day with three wins. The winner was decided on for and against with the Canberra Chargers finishing in first place. Thank you to the local referees and bbq helpers who kindly volunteered their time.


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Game Results

Game 1: Canberra 24, Wagga Wagga 22

Game 2: Canberra 30, Griffith 14

Game 3: Wagga Wagga 36, Griffith 18

Game 4: Wagga Wagga 29, Canberra 28

Game 5: Wagga Wagga 24. Griffith 16

Game 6: Canberra 28, Griffith 8

1st Place – Canberra Chargers

2nd Place – Wagga Wagga

3rd Place – Griffith

Team Lists


  • Rohan Foy
  • Luke Hall
  • Soraj Habib
  • Caitlin Lymbery
  • John Gray
  • Ross Ballard
  • Duncan Macgregor
  • Aaron Vogt
  • Keelan Moir
  • Adam Longworth

Wagga Wagga

  • Jess Pellow
  • Analiese Moran
  • Phil Pellow
  • Ashlea Pellow
  • John Morris
  • Daniel Morris
  • Trent
  • Will Sackett


  • Anthony Dal Bon
  • Olivia Ziliotto
  • Danny Ziliotto
  • Jennifer Ziliotto
  • David Mills
  • Caitlin Mills
  • Adam Whylie
  • Luke Kirkman
  • Matthew Kirkman
  • Melanie Kelly
  • Simon Kirkman


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